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EBAY#: 140081827987 START: 2007-02-02 15:00:00 (week 8)
END: 2007-02-09 15:00:00
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This great costume was worn by “Commander Riker” (Jonathan Frakes) during the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Icarus Factor”. The costume is his “Anbo-Jyutsu” suit which he wore while competing against his father “Kyle Riker” (Mitchell Ryan). The game is a type of Human martial arts with two competitors wearing protective armor. The costume includes a red formfitting jumpsuit that has quilted pads attached to the elbows and thighs, a padded neckline rim and a zip up the back. The body armor consists of a one-piece red plastic breast plate, shoulders and back plate with gray padding and red straps. The upper arm armor is also attached to the upper body piece. On the chest plate are three Japanese characters that when translated mean “fire”, “ground” and “water”. The lower body armor is red quilted fabric with gray trim and a flap at the front. Red plastic armor that has had some red tape attached in places is fixed on the front and the back. Around the lower arms are red pads with gray trim that Velcro closed. Over the top is then worn red plastic armor held on with red straps. The padded gloves are red and white however some of the red tape detail is peeling away from them. On the lower legs are red pads with gray trim that Velcro closed. Over the top are red plastic shin protectors that are held on with straps at the back. The accompanying shoes are red and gray modified Nike's with pieces of red plastic attached over the laces. The costume is complete with a red helmet with a solid gray trimmed visor and chin strap. The helmet is actually Riker’s stunt double’s since Riker’s appears to have been lost to time. The right side of the visor has received some damage causing the gray metal trim to become partially detached. The visor is intended to render the wearer ‘blind’ since each competitor is meant to sense where their opponent is by means of audio signals generated by their staff weapons (not included). As a BONUS the “Stunt Riker” burgundy color jumpsuit is also included with an additional set of upper and lower body armor, complete lower leg pads and armor, lower arm pads (no armor) and an extra pair of red and gray Nike shoes. Essentially the bonus is a second almost complete costume minus the lower arm armor, gloves and helmet.

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