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EBAY#: 140084371514 START: 2007-02-09 12:52:00 (week 9)
END: 2007-02-16 12:52:00
BIDS: 18PRICE: $760.00assumedsuccess
An impressive costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, this lot is composed of a patterned green under robe, a waist sash of crushed shiny green and yellow synthetic fabric that clasps via a wide Velcro patch, and an outer robe, green with yellow Mandarin themed circles and a shiny bronze colored trim. Also, the outer robe not only features an attached hood and bat wing style sleeves, but a set of rare ‘Vulcan' ideogram badges. The ideogram badges maintain a familiar shape as ‘Vulcan’ character letters, depicted in one resource as similar to the ones worn by “Spock” (Leonard Nimoy” in various Star Trek feature films. They are presumed to mean (in English – ‘Vulcan’) ‘concept – Rata’, ‘discipline – Tafar’, and ‘process – Tapan’. However, the same resource claims that they could have a poetic meaning put together to say “Branches entwined form the tree.” The costume comes complete with a costumer’s tag reading ‘Dieter Horneman’.