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EBAY#: 140081826723 START: 2007-02-02 13:20:00 (week 8)
END: 2007-02-09 13:20:00
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This incredible detailed near-full head mask was worn by actor Dwight Schultz in the episode “Genesis” of Star Trek: The Next Generation while portraying the Enterprise-D's resident hypochondriac “Reginald Barclay”. In this case, hypochondria was not the issue as Barclay’s cells managed to mutate due to the activation of a dormant cell and thus he de-evolved into a spider, while the rest of the Enterprise crew did so as well, though into their own personal types of creatures. This mask is made from latex with metal and plastic insets to appear as eyes, and molded pincers. The mask features an astonishing array of hairs growing out of the top of and sides and has been painted to appear as infected flesh. Due to unfortunate storage conditions since the use of this mask it is showing some degree of breakdown in that cracks have formed in various places and dust has settled across the whole item.