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EBAY#: 140084371381 START: 2007-02-09 12:20:00 (week 9)
END: 2007-02-16 12:20:00
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The Tandarans are a humanoid race at war with the Suliban Cabal during the Enterprise series and were featured in the Enterprise episode “Detained”. This is a Tandaran costume that includes a long mauve woolen top with upwards facing pleats and padding. There is brown piping around the shoulders and down each side with slits at the bottom. On the right sleeve is a Tandaran seven-pointed star emblem. Worn underneath is a black padded dickie with a brown faux leather collar. The accompanying pants are made of the same mauve material with black suspenders. An impressive harness completes the costume, made of different patterns of brown leather interlaced and with a built in gun holster. The Velcro has come off of one strip but is included for reattachment. Costume comes complete with costume tag.