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EBAY#: 140084371462 START: 2007-02-09 12:42:00 (week 9)
END: 2007-02-16 12:42:00
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A very practical costume put together for the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “The Communicator”. Having accidentally left behind a piece of Starfleet technology while studying a pre-warp alien society, the crew of “Enterprise NX-01” has to send a second away team back down to the planet in an effort to retrieve the device. Captured almost instantly, the away team is interrogated by the alien military who wears costumes like these; a pair of khaki pants with very fine white pinstripes, a short sleeve button front collared shirt of tan color, and a uniform jacket that matches the pants by way of material, zips up the front, with a pair of zip seal pockets and a snap collar. Most significant about the jacket is the twin sewn in patches on either shoulder depicting a black cog on a red background. Sewn in Enterprise tags indicate wear in the episode and original manufacturers tags are still present indicating make by ‘Armani Exchange'. The zipper pulls have been purposefully removed.