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For almost a hundred years the ‘Earth Cargo Service' has been transporting goods across known space for human settled colonies by way of their warp one or two engine transports. Whole families command the large ships for generations, passing down the mantle of leadership and livelihood to the next generation. “Travis Mayweather” (Anthony Montgomery) left his family’s ship to become a helmsman aboard the new warp five capable ship, “Enterprise NX-01” but when his father passes away, he returns to the “E.C.S. Horizon” long enough to see his family, and his previous home in space. The crew of the “Horizon” wear what is considered by Starfleet to be dressed down uniforms; a jacket and pants with only one aspect to indicate uniformity, a ship patch indicating their license to operate as an official ‘Earth Cargo Ship’ and the name of their vessel. This female costume was made for the episode “Horizon” of Star Trek: Enterprise. Interior tags indicate original manufacturer to be ‘Dickies’ brand clothing, and sewn in Enterprise tags indicate wear in Star Trek: Enterprise.