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EBAY#: 140102720944 START: 2007-03-30 16:01:00 (week 16)
END: 2007-04-06 16:01:00
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Feared throughout the Delta Quadrant are the Hirogen hunters, an alien race said once to be technologically advanced but which became nomadic in favor of their hunts. Their powerful weapons, impressive starships, and the trophies they collect from the hunt are not nearly as amazing as their own person or their costume. The item is a Hirogen costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, a full-sized jumpsuit with molded foam rubber ‘armor' lining the entire exterior. With shoes made to match the costume is painted metallic silver which gives it a color changing sheen during movement and features inset working lights powered by four AA sized 1.5volt batteries included with power remaining from production placed in a pack within the costume access. Entry and exit to the costume is performed through the back where a series of clasps and snaps seals it at the shoulder and the left side. Interior Voyager tags read ‘Tarik Ergin’, who played several characters in the series over its entire run, including former Maquis crewman “Lt. Ayala”.