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EBAY#: 140086948639 START: 2007-02-16 13:00:00 (week 10)
END: 2007-02-23 13:00:00
BIDS: 7PRICE: $1358.34assumedsuccess
A child sized Borg costume made for the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Collective”. When crew members from “Voyager” encounter a Borg Cube ship, they discover a group of Borg children who are malfunctioning due to an infection by ‘Species 8472', the alien race most dangerous to the Borg. The children are taken back to the ship and eventually begin to integrate with the crew. This costume was worn by Kurt Wetherill during his portrayal of “Azan”, who joined the crew with his twin brother and was eventually returned to his home world in the episode “Imperfection”. This Borg costume is made of neoprene and molded rubber components. It comes with a pair of neoprene shoes with zipper and Velcro enclosures, and jumpsuit with chest plate top. Due to storage or transport conditions the costume shows some significant signs of damage. The interior Voyager tags read ‘Kurt’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘Kurt Wetherill’.