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As “Captain Kirk” (William Shatner) and “Dr. McCoy” (DeForrest Kelly) were put on trial for the assassination of “Chancellor Gorkon” (David Warner), they are placed in the witness stand under the imposing scene of hundreds of Klingon attendees slamming staffs against the floor of their balconies repeatedly yelling, “Kirk! Kirk! Kirk!” This item is a metal staff with attached prop blade, wired to allow for the translucent red ‘lava rock' end to light up, as seen in the show trial scenes of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The untested light is powered through a wire that runs out the foot of the staff. The ‘blade’ is plastic and painted to appear aged; the ‘lava’ tip is translucent red plastic with a painted base to appear mounted on stone. Due to time and storage conditions the tip is damaged at its end and may have been repaired previously as a crack line is evident but the piece is solid despite. Item measures approx. 79 X 6 inches at the blade and 79 X 5 inches at the top.