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SALE: 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection ESTIMATE: $8000 - $12000
PRICE: $100000 ($120000 with premium)
A filming miniature of the Starship Enterprise-E made of cast resin and machined aluminum with untested internal lighting, with power supply, loose parts, mounting parts, stand and an envelope of instructions. - 43x119x13 in. - built by Industrial Light and Magic model shop for Star Trek: First Contact

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The Christie's Prices Realized list showed this model selling for $132,000 (bid $110,000), but in in an article on his blog, Alec Peters writes about the underbidder, Frank DeMartino, who won the item after after "the high bidder was found to be over his credit limit with Christie's."

Here are some photos of the model by from the blog article:
Image Image Image Image Image Image

The price information in this listing has been updated.

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