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SALE: 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection
Christie's LotFinder#: 4779697
ESTIMATE: $250 - $350
PRICE: $2000 ($2400 with premium)
Twelve color prints of emblems for future space missions, all oversprayed in grey and brown to simulate ageing, all mounted on black foam board, these NASA-style mission patches include: the early Starfleet emblem, Zefram Cochrane's first faster-than-light flight, the first Earth-Saturn probe, the NX development project, Starfleet Mission Operations, and the United Earth Space Probe Agency (as seen in the early episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series), all -- 15in. diameter -- seen in the Starfleet Mission Control set in "First Flight" in Star Trek: Enterprise; accompanied by four set dressing continuity photographs to show placement on set (16)