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SALE: 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection
Christie's LotFinder#: 4779822
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
PRICE: $4500 ($5400 with premium)
Thirty-five embroidered patches: Four United Earth Diplomatic Corps patches made for "The Forge", three Starship Avenger patches made for "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II", five Starfleet Security Division made for "Home", five Starship Columbia mission patches made for "Home," "Affliction," and "Divergence", four Earth Cargo Ship Fortunate patches made for "Fortunate Son", four Earth Cargo Ship Horizon patches made for "Horizon", five Cold Station 12 patches made for "CS-12", and five black-and-red alien government emblems made for "The Communicator", all from Star Trek: Enterprise (35)