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SALE: 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection
Christie's LotFinder#: 4780258
ESTIMATE: $8000 - $12000
PRICE: $40000 ($48000 with premium)
A visual effects model of an Ambassador-class starship made from glass fiber-reinforced cast resin with styrene details, with loose nacelle caps and shuttlebay door cover -- 41x26in. -- first seen as the Starship Enterprise-C for "Yesterday's Enterprise," one of the most popular episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, then extensively refurbished and rebuilt to serve as a variety of other ships in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the saucer top is currently marked as U.S.S. Yamaguchi NCC-26510

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There are some great pictures and markings information about the model by its current owner here. The model still carries markings of the USS Excalibur (NCC-26517) and the USS Yamaguchi.

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