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In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, “The Visitor”, on a dark and stormy night, an elderly “Jake Sisko” (Tony Todd) appears to be preparing for something. Taking a medication by way of this small ‘hypospray' he responds to a knock at the door. It is a teenage girl who has come to ask him why he stopped writing all those years ago. Jake begins to recount the tale of how his father “Benjamin Sisko” (Avery Brooks) disappeared in a time displacement inversion and how he reappeared in exponentially increasing intervals. Having discovered that the only way to return his father to the normal flow of time was for Jake to die while his father was present he has poisoned himself with this hand prop, a cast resin, metallic silver painted hypospray with black painted details and metallic gold adhesive accents. The red hued plastic tube is stained with the special effects liquid that was placed within and comes freely away from the injector leaving behind part of it which has fused with the adhesive foam inside. The item measures approx. 3.5 X 1 X 1 inches.