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Christie's sale #1854, lot #267



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SALE: Film and Entertainment Memorabilia (May 2007, New York)
Christie's LotFinder#: 4912662
ESTIMATE: $600 - $800
PRICE: $1400 ($1680 with premium)
Star Trek (Star Trek VI-style female Klingon costume)
A Star Trek VI-style female Klingon warrior's costume comprising: a sleeveless vinyl jacket with car upholstery details, and insignia; cast resin and glass fiber breastplate; spine piece; grey super spandex pants; belt with buckle and disruptor holster; gauntlets; fingerless gloves -- designed by Robert Blackman for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (a lot)

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Was #1778-0469 in the <em>40 Years</em> auction.