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EBAY#: 140151394255 START: 2007-08-24 15:35:00 (week 37)
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A Starfleet Academy graduation certificate featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Storm Front, Part II”. The certificate is color printed and held behind a clear plastic barrier in a faux leather frame. The certificate begins ‘Upon Nomination by the Board of Trusees of the Starfleet Academy Patricia F. O'Malley…’ and goes on to explain that the student passed examinations and received a master’s degree in ‘astronautics’. The item includes a printed seal of Starfleet in the year 2153 and is signed ‘Herman Zimmerman’ as the ‘President, Board of Trustees’ and ‘Louise Dorton’, ‘Dean of Astronautics, Starfleet Academy’. There is no indication as to whether or not the item was actually signed by those aforementioned. Zimmerman was the production designer of several Star Trek productions and set designer of several more. Dorton was an art director on Star Trek: Enterprise and other Star Trek productions. The item measures approx. 13.25 X 10.75 inches.