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EBAY#: 140089539590 START: 2007-02-23 13:02:00 (week 11)
END: 2007-03-02 13:02:00
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A selection of ‘Runabout' model components distressed to appear destroyed. During the course of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine many runabouts were destroyed. These model components were used to depict the wreckage of those ships after they were destroyed by any number of circumstances. The selection contains the remnants of five warp nacelles, two of which appear to be the remains of the “USS Ganges”, destroyed by a ‘T’Lani cruiser’ in the episode “Armageddon Game” as the registry number ‘NCC-72454’ is still evident on both. All of the components feature the familiar Starfleet paint color scheme and a high degree of warping due to melting, scorch marks, holes with added ‘exposed’ lattice and wiring. Several of the pieces appear to house mini-lights for special effects that are connected to a variety of wires with exposed ends. These untested items might in fact still light up if one were so inclined to determine the voltage necessary for illuminating them. One piece appear to be a large section of main body hull, another a mission module, and another still part of the aft quarters torn away.

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