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EBAY#: 140092048944 START: 2007-03-02 13:40:00 (week 12)
END: 2007-03-09 13:40:00
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Positive feedback Another great item from a great seller
An excellent set of costume combat fatigues featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Nemesis”. Captured by an alien force at war with another species, “Chakotay” (Robert Beltran) is integrated into their fighting force while the “Voyager” crew searches for him. While getting to know the aliens, who are surprisingly human-like, he meets “Rafin” (Matt E. Levin), an inexperienced soldier who becomes his friend. This costume is the one worn by Matt Levin in the episode, a set of combat fatigues colored yellow with camouflage mesh covering the elements. The costume consists of a short sleeved shirt with matching sleeveless coveralls that feature Velcro sealing flap pockets on both thighs with equipment loops sewn on, belt loops for corresponding olive drab nylon clasp sealing belt, and accompanying sealed prop backpack painted to suit. The lot also comes with a distressed version of the costume featuring dried special effects ‘blood' and intermittent holes. Both costumes come with costumer’s tags indicating wear by ‘Matt E. Levin’ who also starred in the theatrical release of “Starship Troopers” the same year.