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EBAY#: 140092048394 START: 2007-03-02 12:18:00 (week 12)
END: 2007-03-09 12:18:00
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The “USS Enterprise” responds to a signal sent by an enigmatic alien species who speak only in metaphor, the ‘Tamarians'. Unable to communicate with the aliens, “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart) is transported to the surface of a neutral world with “Captain Dathon” (Paul Winfield) of the alien ship where they are forced to battle an electromagnetic alien creature! This fully painted mold produced for the episode “Darmok” of Star Trek: The Next Generation has been attached to a base and pedestal for structural posture. The mask is cast of latex foam with inset ‘horns’ and ‘tusks’, a mouth that opens to some degree and is painted to appear as such. The piece shows some signs of deterioration due to time and storage but is still largely intact and should remain so in a proper environment. The item measures approx. 23 X 23 X 19 inches. “Darmok?” “And Jalad. At Tanagra. Shaka, when the walls fell.” “Picard and Dathon at Eladrel.”