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EBAY#: 140140309558 START: 2007-07-20 14:52:00 (week 32)
END: 2007-07-27 14:52:00
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The Vulcans are a humanoid race from the plant Vulcan who are known for their great sense of logic and stoic nature. These pots are distinctly Vulcan and were used during the filming of Star Trek episodic television. Each pot is made of metal welded together complete with intentional bumps and rusting. The largest pot has a gold colored metal top riveted onto the body. It has a removable wooden stopper in the top. On one side of the pot is a brown painted Vulcan design. The two smaller pots have brown metal tops and cork stoppers, also with Vulcan designs on the sides. The large pot measures approx. 17 x 14 ½ x 9 inches, the middle pot measures approx. 15 x 11 ½ x 8 inches and the small pot measures approx. 13 x 8 x 6 ½ inches.