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EBAY#: 140094924755 START: 2007-03-09 13:26:00 (week 13)
END: 2007-03-16 14:26:00
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The item is a set dressing bulletin board featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise during scenes taking place in general crew quarters. The bulletin board features a perforated metal outer coating where it allows for push pins to hold items to it. The four display graphics that are affixed to the board have been attached through the use of several magnets, they depict a ‘data log' an ‘operations chart’ and a pair of star charts which are of particular interest in that they detail the location of several Star Trek canon worlds in relation to one another like ‘Tau Ceti’, ‘Wolf 359’, ‘Rigel’, Andoria’, ‘P’Jem’, Babel’, ‘Vulcan’, ‘Terra Nova’, and ‘Tellar’, with Earth centered in the middle. The board measures approx. 15.25 X .5 X 21 inches.

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The map on this board is an early version of the star charts from Geoffrey Mandel's Star Trek: Star Charts.


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