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END: 2007-03-23 15:04:00
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This detailed costume was worn by an “Alien woman” in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Time's Arrow” in which an engineering team finds evidence of an alien presence in 19th Century San Francisco. The floor length skirt was worn over a hoop skirt (not available) and is made of elaborately patterned cream and gray fabric. A brown silky ribbon passes around the base of the skirt entwined with crocheted flowers. To give it volume there is white mesh on the inside of the skirt. The jacket is made of the same fabric with pleats from the waist down, ruffles at the shoulders, black and copper colored buttons and lace at the end of the sleeves. The waistcoat worn underneath is patterned cream with black and copper color buttons down the front. It has a high neck collar with lace trim and it zips up the back. Costume comes complete with costume tag.