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EBAY#: 140097587221 START: 2007-03-16 13:00:00 (week 14)
END: 2007-03-23 13:00:00
BIDS: 27PRICE: $1536.99assumedsuccess
When the Bajoran Wormhole opened to allow passage for an alien from the Gamma Quadrant for the first time, the alien was “Tosk” (Scott McDonald). That didn't actually mean anything as far as the Starfleet inhabitants of “Deep Space Nine” were concerned, but it was all the reptilian Tosk could say to explain himself. Soon other Gamma Quadrant aliens arrived searching for Tosk and the truth was revealed, they were hunters on an intergalactic pursuit and Tosk was their prey! Almost invulnerable to phasers and able to beam through shields, the Hunter aliens costume makes them some of the most powerful humanoids Starfleet has ever encountered. Their costume consists of a full length red jumpsuit with layers for a shielded appearance, a zip up the back with Velcro and clasps, tall leather boots with added synthetic sections and Velcro at the top which fastens to the costume and rubber accents which strap onto the toe of the boots, a pair of clamps for the forearms of the jumpsuit with a metal rod accent furthering the alien ness of the lot, a belt and harness combo that straps across the left shoulder and Velcro’s around the right side with an entire array of working multi-colored lights which activate at the flip of a switch and are powered by a single 9volt battery, and then there’s the helmet! A metallic silver colored helmet with molded plastic details, tubing, a dual layered appearance, a black nylon chin strap a center mounted working red light for ‘invisible Tosk detection’ activated by a button above the clear plastic face screen, and another set of neon tubes, one set at the chin and another down pointed chevron shaped tube centered in the face screen activated by a matching button next to the aforementioned one both powered by two separate 9volt batteries held within the helmet under the protective foam. The inside of the helmet is inscribed ‘Dennis’ for Dennis Madalone, frequent Star Trek recurring stunt performer and bit player. The costumer’s tag is also inscribed in such fashion.


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