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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Forsaken” in which a group of ambassadors visit “Deep Space Nine” and find themselves at the mercy of their hosts when an alien computer causes problems. The Vulcan ambassador “Lojal” (Michael Ensign) wore this costume, and it appeared again in a Star Trek: Voyager episode worn by Star Trek background regular Deiter Horneman. The costume is a practical two piece with a silver colored dickie for wear under a two fabric jacket. The jacket is gray with woven components and the pants are entirely woven. The standout items of the costume are the molded rubber ‘Vulan' iconographic lettering that were sewn onto the costume in “The Forsaken” and appear to have been removed for the Voyager episode. They are included with the lot and are similar to the metal ones attached to some Enterprise costumes and the resin ones worn by “Spock” (Leonard Nimoy) in several Star Trek Feature films. The costumer’s tags indicate wear by ‘Michel Ensign’ and ‘Deiter Horneman’.

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Also worn by a Vulcan Maquis in "The Maquis, Part II"


Seen In/Used For::DS9 | Species/Culture::Vulcan | Type::Wardrobe