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EBAY#: 140097639620 START: 2007-03-16 16:34:00 (week 14)
END: 2007-03-23 16:34:00
BIDS: 23PRICE: $2000.00assumedsuccess
A large set dressing wall console featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on the sets of the “U.S.S. Defiant”, Starfleet's first battleship allowed to use a cloaking device. With “Captain Sisko” (Avery Brooks) as part of the design team, the ship was developed as part of the contingency to battle a likely Borg invasion. This item is presumably the one featured in the episode “Equilibrium” in which the “Defiant” travels to ‘Trill’ featuring a notable scene between “Jadzia Dax” (Terry Farrel) and “Dr. Bashir” (Alexander Siddig) in the crew quarters where an item like this was present. The item is a sturdy computer console made from wood painted gray with three inset smoked acrylic LCARS panels with graphical applications adhered to them meant to be backlit by the still functioning light panels built in behind. The panels function on a system of two pronged plugs based around standard American 110v AC power and backlight the LCARS brilliantly! There is also a clear panel with a stylized frame around it made for the viewing of a television or computer monitor with a diagonal screen size of 19 inches; there is a down sloped base behind it for setting the monitor and a metal loop screwed in for which to chain the monitor while ‘wilding’ (moving) the item around on set due to the casters on the bottom. This exceptional item also features a pull out keyboard tray in front of the desk surface as if it were already made for home or office use! The console measures approx. 41 X 79.5 X 43 inches, the writing surface extends approx. 8.5 away from the housing and the monitor base in back extends approx. 16.5 inches from the housing.


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