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END: 2007-04-20 12:44:00
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The first alien to come through the wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine turned out to be a mysterious being that was being pursued by alien hunters. “Tosk” (Scott McDonald) would not reveal the truth of his predicament until after the hunters arrived and battled the Bajoran and Starfleet crew to get to him. This is the costume of Tosk, a padded body suit made to give him an alien appearance, form fitting pants with attached feet made from rubbery bubbled fabric and a corresponding top with cropped sleeves. The lot contains the leggings of the principle costume, and the full stunt version of the costume as well as additional separate padding. The costumer's tags read ‘#406 DS9 “Captive Pursuit” Tosk, Scott McDonald’ and ‘#406 DS9 “Captive Pursuit” Stunt tosk, Tom Morga’. Scott McDonald was a veteran to Star Trek: The Next Generation having appeared as the Romulan “N’Vek” in “Face of the Enemy” and would go on to play a variety of characters including “Mr. Rollins” in Voyager’s pilot episode “Caretaker” and the Xindi-Reptillian “Commander Dolim” in Enterprise.