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A holoprogram used by “Captain Janeway” (Kate Mulgrew) of the “U.S.S. Voyager”, ‘Da Vinci's workshop’ was a place of amazing constructs and even more impressive ideas. Portrayed by John Rhys-Davies, “Leonardi Da Vinci” worked alongside “Janeway” asking life’s questions and attempting to solve them. “Da Vinci” appeared in several episodes like “Scientific Method” and “Concerning Flight”. These incredible prints are copies of Da Vinci’s studies of human anatomy. The first copy is a study of the human anatomy with detail to the abdomen and chest printed on brown paper. Measures approx. 26 ½ x 34 ½ inches. The second print is a study of a human heart with extensive writing written in mirror image cursive as was Da Vinci’s custom. The writing however is barely legible even when reversed in a mirror. Measures approx. 37 ½ x 26 inches. The third study is of a skull, also with mirror image cursive text. It appears that oil pastels and chalk have been applied over the print to give a more realistic appearance. Measures approx. 33 ½ x 25 inches.