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EBAY#: 140100294993 START: 2007-03-23 18:10:00 (week 15)
END: 2007-03-30 18:10:00
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The ‘B'omar’ are a xenophobic humanoid race who were featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “The Raven”. This is the B’omar “Dumah’s” costume played by Mickey Cottrell however the sewn in tags and costume tag indicate that this costume was made for “Gauman” (Richard J. Zobel, Jr.). It appears that the actors switched costumes for the filming of this episode hence the discrepancy. The costume includes a long sleeved blue iridescent jumpsuit with a zip up the back. The cropped jacket is iridescent blue with turquoise trim, blue and red geometric shapes and Velcro at the front. A suede blue striped cumber band is worn around the waist and an iridescent blue skull cap is worn on the head. Over the skull cap is a blue painted metal frame with thin opaque red accents. One of the accents has come loose along one side.