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EBAY#: 140100243004 START: 2007-03-23 15:32:00 (week 15)
END: 2007-03-30 15:32:00
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This beautiful lot was used as set dressing during the filming of Star Trek episodic television and/or Star Trek feature films. The large bowl is made of plastic but looks surprisingly like ceramic with black ridges against a brown background. The three legged stand it rests on is metal and back. A small ceramic bowl that's glazed blue on the inside and brown on the outside. A small metal bowl that’s beveled over the inside and out. An opaque hand painted glass candle holder with faux jewels applied to its surface. A yellow opaque glass bottle with an interesting black glass, two pronged top. A beautiful little blue glass vase with a mother-of-pearl finish. Also included are three copper hanging decorations with colored glass balls attached. One also has a dangling star. The large bowl with stand measures approx. 5 x 11 ½ inches diameter.