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END: 2007-04-06 14:59:00
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A costume featured in multiple Star Trek episodes, firstly in Voyager for wear by Kazon-Pommar in episodes like “Alliances”, and then by Illyrian's of the Delphic Expanse in the Enterprise episode “Damage” where slight additions were made to the costume. The costume is made up of gray trousers with a matching costume top that is quilted in geometric pattern. The Enterprise additions are a pair of black rubber boots with leather strapping and distress to appear aged, and a leather harness worn over the costume top with metal buckles; these components were also featured in the Voyager episode “Resistance” when they were part of a ‘Mokra’ soldier costume. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Alliances, Pommar’ with a “Voyager” stamp, and the interior Enterprise tag reads ‘Jeff Smolenk #71’.