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EBAY#: 140102720561 START: 2007-03-30 15:15:00 (week 16)
END: 2007-04-06 15:15:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $352.90assumedsuccess
A command division red uniform worn by “Tom Paris” (Robert Duncan McNeil) in various episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. This costume is distressed in that it features a significant and obvious amount of ‘scorches' and topical holes on the division color showing the white fabric underneath in an excellent attempt to make the costume appear damaged, some of the holes make it down into the black fabric of the uniform and all the holes are evident around the back. The costume comes with a pristine gray turtleneck undershirt and a costumer’s tag reading ‘Voyager, Robbie McNeil, “Paris”, 1 Starfleet uniform, red & black (distressed)’ and both garments feature sewn in Voyager tags reading ‘Robbie McNeil’. The jumpsuit has an additional sewn in tag reading ‘good #3, 1-22-99’.