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EBAY#: 140102720777 START: 2007-03-30 15:37:00 (week 16)
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A Starfleet uniform jumpsuit featured in various seasons 5-7 episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for wear by “Chief O'Brien” (Colm Meaney). The costume is a full length black jumpsuit with gray quilted shoulders and operations gold division stripes at the cuffs. The costume features a form fitting elastic waist with sewn in loops for ‘away team’ gear and zips up the front. The costume also comes with an operations gold long sleeved turtleneck undershirt with an embroidered insignia on the neck indicating the rank of ‘senior chief petty officer’. Both items feature sewn in tags reading ‘Colm Meaney, 98-99’ and the costume comes with a costumer’s tag reading ‘O’Brien, Colm Meaney’.

Notes from someone


Interestingly, unlike other rank insignia, the senior chief petty officer insignia is directly sewn into the uniform.