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EBAY#: 140105041080 START: 2007-04-06 14:52:00 (week 17)
END: 2007-04-13 14:52:00
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The Malurians are a gray scaly skinned species with warp drive capabilities featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Civilization”. The Maulurian “Garos” (Wade Williams) posed as an Akaali on their homeworld in order to carry out secret mining operations. This costume was worn by Garos' stunt double; the renowned stunt man Vince Deadrick. The costume includes an elaborate black tunic with orange pleats down the front and highly patterned sleeves. There are ruffles around the sleeves and neck and there’s a zip up the back. The pants are gray puckered fabric with built in feet. Worn over the top is an impressive robe made of black fabric with a multicolored weave. The trim is autumn colors with a leaf motive and the sleeves have splits almost up to the underarm. Costume comes complete with costume tag.