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EBAY#: 140107387711 START: 2007-04-13 12:34:00 (week 18)
END: 2007-04-20 12:34:00
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Perhaps the most enigmatic species in Star Trek history are the Breen, often mentioned but finally revealed in Deep Space Nine. These mysterious beings appeared in multi-layered costume armor affixed in asymmetric patterns with impressive helmets. Their costumes are composed of a jumpsuit with heavily padded legs and torso, a pair of incredible knee high boots with pointed toes, a ringed cloth coif for wear around the neck and under the accompanying layered chest armor jacket, a pair of matching gloves, a rust colored belt and harness attached to a backpack with cross hatch details, and an enormous two piece helmet. The helmet features an interior size adjusting ring for fitting onto an actor's head, internal wiring and battery placements for a powered neon tube in the front on the forehead activated by an external switch (made functional by on 9volt battery, a second battery should power an additional set of side mounted lights which should flicker in pattern), and magnetic placements for affixing the accompanying facemask which features two screen mesh covered breathing openings and an eye slit adorned with sparkle glazed accents. Additionally, the costume includes a pair of pins that fit through positions on the face mask to further its attachment to the helmet, a resin molded detail that has come away from the outside of the left boot, and a sheath attached to the belt. The costume features multiple sewn in tags indicating wear by multiple actors and the helmet is inscribed with several names in marker ink. The costume is distressed to appear ‘dirty’ and damaged in that there are several visible tears and rips in the fabric leaving openings of exposed ‘armor’.


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