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EBAY#: 140107388528 START: 2007-04-13 13:54:00 (week 18)
END: 2007-04-20 13:54:00
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A costume appearing in various Star Trek feature films, specifically Star Trek: IV The Voyage Home. Costumes like this appeared during scenes in Starfleet Command while the Whale Probe wreaked ecological havoc on Earth. The costume is an orange full length jumpsuit with multiple ‘thermal' units sewn onto the costume in the legs and sleeves with black tubing matching the black collar accent indicating the wearer to be a crewman, a yellow division strip on the forearm with two ‘5 year’ service pins and a commendation pin, all made from metal, and a rank placement with a metal ‘able-seaman’s’ rank. The costume also comes with an unattached chest centered accent and a sewn on breath mask connection on the left breast. Yellow division strips adorn the shoulders and the costume comes with a pair of gloves and a metal helmet with a sewn on division strip.


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