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EBAY#: 140107388547 START: 2007-04-13 13:58:00 (week 18)
END: 2007-04-20 13:58:00
BIDS: 20PRICE: $390.00assumedsuccess
A costume smoking jacket featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Author, Author” in which the rights of “The Doctor” (Robert Picardo) are called into question as a photonic being after he attempts to publish a holonovel in the Alpha Quadrant. The costume is from opening scenes in which The Doctor is working on his ‘book', and later used by “Tom Paris” (Robert Duncan McNeil) when he invades the holodeck and rewrites some of the program to make The Doctor’s character less heroic and more sniveling. The item is an amazing paisley patterned waist length jacket with a quilted black nylon interior lining and lapel with a black waist tie. The paisley shimmers in the light and the asymmetrical front snaps and clasps across the body. The item features a sewn in Voyager tag reading ‘Robert McNeil’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘Bob Picardo, Doctor, #266 “Author, Author”’, and indicates its contents.

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EMH, "Author, Author"

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