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END: 2007-04-27 13:36:00
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This costume was worn by a Bre'el IV inhabitant during the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Deja Q” in which the U.S.S. Enterprise-D tries to assist Bre’el IV however the scientist informs the crew that their efforts to restore the Bre’el moon has failed. The khaki green jacket has pleated sleeves, brown crushed leather shoulders and trim and two pockets in the front. There is a non-functional hood, a padded neck roll and a zip up the front. The matching pants are also green with leather trim around the pockets. A green hooded dickie made of covered neoprene is also included. The costume tag indicates that the costume is a “Calamarian Scientist” however this is a misprint since the Calamarians, although featured in the episode, are non-corporeal and therefore not likely to have worn this costume.