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EBAY#: 140110016362 START: 2007-04-20 14:26:00 (week 19)
END: 2007-04-27 14:26:00
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A Starfleet uniform jacket featured in various episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation for wear by Levar Burton during his portrayal of “Geordi La Forge” and a pair of black uniform trousers made for use in Star Trek VII: Generations. The uniform jacket is operations gold with a zip up the spine and a mandarin style collar, with a Velcro placement for a Starfleet combadge (sold separately). There is evident fading on the outsides of both sleeves due to time and storage conditions. The sewn in tag on the jacket reads ‘Levar' while the one in the trousers reads ‘Star Trek VII’ with typed ‘Levar Burton’. The costumer’s tag for the jacket reads ‘TNG Season 3-7, Geordi LeVar Burton, Uniform Jkt’ while the one for the trousers reads ‘S.T. VII, LeVar Burton, Never Worn’.