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A Star Trek: The Next Generation-style uniform featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Emissary”, the first episode of the legendary series. “Commander Sisko” portrayed by Avery Brooks, first appeared on screen during the famous Battle of Wolf-359 as the executive officer of the “USS Saratoga” which was destroyed battling the Borg on their drive to assimilate Earth. During the events portrayed in “Emissary” Sisko also wore a Starfleet uniform like this until he became the commander of “Deep Space Nine”. The costume is a ‘class-a' Starfleet jacket with a Mandarin-style collar, colored command red with black shoulders and a black waist with black overalls-style trousers featuring sewn on ‘away team’ gear loops. The garments feature sewn in TNG tags reading ‘A. Brooks’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘DS9 Pilot, Sisko, Avery Brooks, Class A Starfleet jacket’. The trousers were selected separately to complete the uniform as were the accompanying black leather ankle boots with inside zips. He boots are labeled ‘AB’ next to the inside of the zips and were located in a ‘Sterlite’ box labeled ‘SISKO, Avery Brooks’.