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EBAY#: 140110015944 START: 2007-04-20 12:08:00 (week 19)
END: 2007-04-27 12:08:00
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A costume purportedly sold during the famous Christie's Auction in October of 2006, at least by description, Lot number 589 “Troi’s Goddess of Empathy Dress”. Verified by screen capture and costumer’s tag this costume is olive green and teal chiffon that snaps at the side. A braided gold and blond band decorated with gold colored beads snaps onto the dress with two strands hanging loose at the front. Matching drapes attach to the left shoulder and flow down the front and back. A separate drape wraps around the right bicep. The dress has opening down each side of the torso. The costumer’s tag reads ‘Star trek-next gen Ep169, “troi”, Marina Sirtis, CHANGE NO. #2, 1 civilian costume – blue brn chiffon’ with ‘TNG’ inscribed in marker on the side. While the dress is referenced, in the costumer’s tag as being ‘CHANGE NO. #2’ the episode depicts “Councilor Troi” (Marina Sirtis) as having worn at least two costumes prior to her stint in the holodeck fantasy of “Barclay” (Dwight Schultz).