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EBAY#: 140110016247 START: 2007-04-20 13:50:00 (week 19)
END: 2007-04-27 13:50:00
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A plastic model dipped in gold colored metal and purposefully broken for on screen use in the feature film Star Trek VIII: First Contact. Featured during the scene in which “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart) and “Lilly Sloane” (Alfre Woodard) debate over the reality that his actions against the Borg are revenge driven, the model is broken along with several others when in a moment of rage Picard lashes out with his weapon and destroys the display case depicting the famous line of Starfleet vessels also titled “USS Enterprise”. The model is that of the “USS Enterprise NCC-1701”, the ship made famous by Star Trek: The Original Series, and comes in three pieces; ‘the saucer section' and the neck that connects it to the next piece, ‘the secondary hull’ with still loosely attached portside warp nacelle, and the unattached starboard warp nacelle. The pieces measure approx. 10.75 X 2.5 inches, 14.25 X 7 X 5, and 5 X 12 inches respectively. Some evidence of patina (a green metal discoloration) exists.


Seen In/Used For::First Contact | Type::Model | Type::Prop