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“Burzaan” (Conor O'Farrell) was an “Eska” hunter from the planet Dakala encountered by “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) and the NX-01 Enterprise crew in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Rogue Planet”. Best known for their hunting prowess, the Eska hunted the “Wraiths”; shapeshifting beings on the same planet. This is his costume that includes a gray mottled effect Lycra shirt with a zip up the back and a pleat down the front. The pants are made of the same fabric with additional decorated padding at the knees. The matching jacket has extensive decorative stitching to the chest, shoulders and right side of the body. It zips up the front and there is a strip running from the right breast to the back, each end has a metal accent attached. Across the chest is a claw like gash with faux blood. A belt, knife holster and metal bladed knife complete the outfit. The blade is curved and features a jagged back with serrations, and a pattern of holes through the blade itself. The grip is red furnished wood attached to the metal of the blade; there is a hole in the metal for the forefinger of any ‘humanoid’. The item also comes with a leather sheath designed to match the unique camo pattern of the 'Eska' hunting uniforms in that it is white with black splotches. The sheath features two snaps that hold the knife in place and a belt loop. The blade measures approx. 3.75 X 7.5 and the overall length is 12.5 from tip to pommel. The grip itself is a meaty .75 inches. The prop metal blade is not sharpened but it is made to look sharp. Costume comes complete with a costume tag.