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“Feezal “Melinda Page Hamilton” was a Denobulan scientist and the second of “Dr. Phlox's” (John Billingsley) three wives. In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Stigma”, Feezal became interested in “Commander Trip Tucker” (Connor Trinneer) and wore this dress while having dinner with him and playing footsy under the table. Concerned, Tucker told Phlox about the situation but Phlox told him he should take advantage of Feezal’s fondness. The short sleeved dress is mustard knit with gold dots and splits up each side. Over the top is a blue chiffon overlay with tassels at the sides and faux stitch detail on the front, back and shoulders. Two pairs of mustard color tights are included as well as a pair of high heeled mustard color shoes (size 9M). Costume comes complete with costume tag.