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END: 2007-05-04 14:54:00
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The “Kreetassans” where a humanoid race capable of warp speed and native to the planet Kreetassa. This costume was worn by veteran Star Trek actor Vaughn Armstrong as the “Kreetassan Captain” in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Vox Sola”. While visiting the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01 the Kreetassan Captain was insulted because of the public way the crew ate their food. In his culture the act of eating is done in private as it is akin to mating. The costume includes an elaborate gold patterned tunic with gold trim and snaps at the neck. The fabric has small green velvet clovers within the design. Hanging around the neck are brown beads interspersed with brass and faux brass beads and faux amber pieces. They are attached to a large metal clasp that is attached with Velcro to the right shoulder. Worn underneath the tunic is a gold colored pin striped top with a high round collar and a pair of gold colored pants. The accompanying costume tag under the show section reads “Enterprise 022 – The Needs of One” which was the original name of the episode before it was later changed to “Vox Sola”.

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