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END: 2007-05-04 14:32:00
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A prop explosive device credited as being a plasma charge in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Collective” and used in the episodes “Dark Frontier, Parts I and II” as well. The item is molded resin painted metallic silver with shiny metal accents and multiple metallic gold, black, and bronze painted details. The item features a switch on the front which activates a three banks of red colored lights and a flashing light on the front powered by a pair of AA sized 1.5volt batteries (removed for shipping) which retain power from on screen use. The item also features a Star Trek: Enterprise inventory application on the reverse indicative of use in various episode of that series. The item measures approx. 1.75 X 6 inches diameter.

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Used as Ansata bomb from "The High Ground", the spatial charge from "Dark Frontier", and the plasma charge from "Collective".



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