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A costume featured in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture for wear by actors portraying engineers on board the “USS Enterprise”. The costume is an off white colored full length jumpsuit with ribbing around the elbows of the sleeves and a similar circular area in the center of the chest, and a metal breath mask connection that is holding on by a thread. The costume comes with several unattached accoutrements, a pair of gloves with red ‘thermal' tubing on the back of each hand, a pair of hip side ‘thermal’ units with similar red tubing, a pair of silver colored metal line rings, a red collar with red tubing, snaps and Velcro closures, a pair of engineering division strips for wear on the shoulders, a metallic gold and copper colored accent for wear in the center of the chest, a white placement for an attached metal badge indicating the rank of ‘able seaman’, a silver reflective bar (not pictured), and a sturdy plastic name tag engraved ‘STRAETH’ the style of which appeared in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The right leg of the costume features faded red stain believed to be special effects ‘blood’ and the collar of the uniform itself exhibits a departure for radiological suits in that it has a gray ribbed collar sewn on.


Contains::Interesting/Meaningful text | Contains::Logo | Contains::Rank insignia | Seen In/Used For::The Motion Picture | Species/Culture::Starfleet | Type::Wardrobe-Uniform