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“Khan” (Ricardo Montalban) was a legendary genetically-engineered Human augment who starred in the acclaimed Star Trek II feature film, The Wrath of Khan. He and his crewmen escaped exile from the desert planet, “Ceti Alpha V” and strove to inflict revenge on “Admiral Kirk” (William Shatner) who stranded him and his crew there years before. This top and harness was worn by one of Khan's crewmen onboard the U.S.S. Reliant and includes a knitted brown top with woven parts attached to it and a braided left sleeve. It is intentionally distressed to give it an old weathered look. The impressive harness is made of metal links with suede rectangular pieces attached at intervals along it. The suede has an assortment of metal and electrical components wired to it including fuses, resisters and wire coils. It appears that this costume was later reused on the Star Trek: Voyager episode “The Chute” by “Rib” (Beans Morocco) who was an “Akritirian male inmate.