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EBAY#: 140114876743 START: 2007-05-04 13:14:00 (week 21)
END: 2007-05-11 13:14:00
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The “Rigellians” are a race descended from saber-toothed turtles who had attendants to serve them. The Rigellian costume was developed for Star Trek I: The Motion Picture however they are not well remembered in the feature film. As stated by Memory Alpha, details of the species can be found in “The Making of the Motion Picture”. The costume includes a white top with woven cream sleeves, cream trousers that have fringed overlapping slits at the sides and green latex feet complete with claws. The latex feet cover canvas shoes and have cream fabric attached to them that cover the lower legs like baggy socks. They also have ties at the top to hold them in place. Worn around the torso is vacuum formed plastic armor colored silver to look metallic. The front and back pieces Velcro at the sides and on the shoulders. A long draping cream sash scoops from one shoulder to the other in the front and back and attaches with Velcro to the shoulders. Green latex hands with yellow claws are included. On the head is a vacuum formed plastic skull cap, colored metallic silver with a cream suede and canvas fabric veil around the back and sides. Due to time and storage the inside of the cap has brown foam that's disintegrating however it doesn’t affect the actual appearance or the condition of the rest of the hat. Costume comes complete with costume tags.