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Positive feedback CRAZY COOL BLUE ALIEN HEAD!!!!! THANK'S!
The “Betelgeusians” are from the planet Betelgeuse II and at least two served as background crew onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise during the V'Ger incident in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. As stated by Memory Alpha, the name and origin of the species was created during the film’s production rather than revealed on screen. This full head mask is made of latex painted blue with small semi-circle grooves over the surface to create the effect of skin. The ears are pointed and the beak-like nose area is red with a small hole in the center. There are holes for the eyes and mouth. There is a split up the back that Velcro’s closed, allowing for the mask to be put on. Due to time and storage the base of the mask has lost its pliability.

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Betelgeusian, from TMP

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