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EBAY#: 140114876994 START: 2007-05-04 14:16:00 (week 21)
END: 2007-05-11 14:16:00
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A costume featured in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock for wear by security division crewmen aboard the “USS Enterprise”. The costume is a pair of red colored trousers with green division trim on the outside seam of the legs with a red top featuring green division trim on the left sleeve with a grey colored metal ‘5 year service' pin and an attached metal ‘commendation’ pin. An unattached metal ‘commendation’ pin has been included. The sleeve also features a sewn on red rank placement with an attached metal gray colored ‘able seaman’s’ rank. The costume comes with a set of ‘armor’ made from molded fiberglass with brown felt backing, a belt with silver colored bar centers and a brown leather phaser holster, and a brown leather colored helmet with a cream colored Starfleet arrowhead affixed to the forehead. Security crewmen also appeared in the ‘prison break’ scenes during which the “Enterprise” crew broke “Dr. McCoy” (DeForrest Kelly) out of the mental institution. The helmet features a Western costume Co. tag.